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Martin Frisby

Cert Ed, Cert TESOL

Martin is Founder and Governing Director of Frisby College. He is a highly experienced linguist, teacher, educational consultant and trainer. Martin runs a successful English language school in Norfolk, England and is a part-time University Lecturer in EFL. He is the Middle East Liaison Officer for ASIC and ASIQUAL, as well as a school inspector for ASIC, where he is involved in delivering international accreditation for schools, colleges and universitites. Martin's passion is communication. He has a Cert TESOL, Cert Ed, amongst other teaching qualifications.


Pamela Frisby

BA (Hons) Humanities; Adv Dip TESOL

Pamela is a passionate linguist and Director of Frisby College. She has many years experience in teaching EFL and foreign languages. Pamela has a BA (Hons) in Humanities with English Language, Adv Dip in TESOL, Dip in ELS, and a Cert Ed. She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists.


Ayat Islam

MA TESOL; BA Business Administration

Ayat Islam is Frisby College’s regional representative for Saudi Arabia. She is a highly experienced teacher, Kindergarten coordinator and professional development trainer with twenty years of experience. Her expertise in business and educational management have helped grow the College’s reputation for outstanding teacher training in the region. Ayat is a certified ILM coach and part of assessment team for ATHE qualifications at Frisby College. She has an MA in TESOL and BA in Business Administration amongst other teaching qualifications.


Haifa Al-T'ai


Haifa Al-T'ai is Frisby College’s regional representative for Egypt.


Svitlana Chuyko

MA TESOL; BA Business Administration

Svitlana Chuyko is Frisby College’s regional representative for Ukraine. She has long and successful career in teaching English and is a trainer for delivering IELTS preparation and Frisby Higher Education Qualifications. Svitlana is an active representative for many British schools and colleges, supporting various academic and cultural exchange programmes between the UK and Ukraine. Her qualifications include a wide range of teaching diplomas and certificates awarded by the Ukraine Ministry of Education at country and regional level.


Geoff Helms

MSc Sports Physiology, BA Sports Sciences

Geoff is Frisby College’s regional representative for Thailand and liaison for South East Asia. He has over ten years experience in business development and marketing working previously in educational travel and student recruitment. He has qualifications in sciences, engineering and teaching.

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