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The Frisby Method

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The ‘Frisby Method’ has been designed by Martin Frisby and his team, using over 20 years’ experience of teaching students from over 60 different countries. It is a very successful way of teaching English as a Foreign Language, using authentic materials and an eclectic mix of teaching methods.


The Frisby Method stipulates maximum student involvement in the lesson and a traceable learning path, thus giving the student direction in their learning whilst keeping lessons student-centred. This promotes learning, interest and a high level of retention.


Each student's motivation and learning styles are taken into consideration and lesson materials produced by Frisby Educational are designed to enable teachers to deliver competent and comprehensive, enjoyable, informative lessons using authentic material.


Our method covers all essential components to teach and learn a language. The Frisby Method incorporates both, lexical skills as well as grammar, in order to provide excellent overall English skills. Learners study the correct use of grammar, correct pronunciation, a wide lexical range and a good command of reading, listening, speaking and writing skills and subskills. Teachers are experienced, qualified, friendly and approachable. This method is proven to be successful, effective and enjoyable for both, teachers and learners of English.

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