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Muslim Girl Studying

As a local course provider for language training and post graduate diplomas in the Norfolk region, Frisby College has identified key bridging areas to support non-native English speakers in accessing the FE market. Our flexible approach to offering educational support to learners and their personal needs has naturally evolved into a viable sub-sector that caters to growing demands in and around the area. Acting as an impartial advisor to the college’s students, prospects and network of institutional partners, we have been able to fine-tune these services.

In our years of experience we have learnt that often the ideal of continuing onto further education is common with many UK migrant learners. However in reality, without the proper support and advice in place, plans quickly become implausible due to life demands and the lack of knowledge on how to manage FE study around such commitments. In part to this we adopted the philosophy to develop training that works around individuals’ personal barriers as opposed to them trying to work around the limitations of training.

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