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A Holistic Approach

Mixed Race Down Syndrome Class

With extensive experience in catering to students with special needs and unique socioeconomic backgrounds we have justified a demand to deliver education from a holistic setting. This approach takes into account factors such as emotional well-being, cognitive stability, inspiration and aspirations for personal growth.

Being aware of how these dynamic constructs play equal importance in the students’ overall ability to learn effectively is paramount to industry-leading education as a professional and reflective practitioner. They should not be typically stereotyped to only younger learners, but instead be used as a fundamental set of parameters to continually assess and adjust teaching for all learners’ needs as individuals. This is particular important when bridging the gap between undergraduate and FE study.

Our pathway courses therefore not only aim to deliver flexibility in countering the more physical barriers students typical face in accessing FE, but also offer a degree of sensitivity in foreseeing changes in the students’ dynamic needs and motivations over the course of study.

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A Holistic Approach
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