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Diploma in TEFL

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The Diploma in TEFL course is a 120 hour training course for teachers of English as a Foreign Language.

It is suitable for existing teachers as well as student teachers. All we ask is that you have a good level of English and a good knowledge of grammar. If you think you may need to top up your English skills, please take our English course at level C2 first. This will provide you with the required English language skills. 


Your Course

Your Diploma in TEFL course is divided into 9 sections.


Section 1, Introduction, is the document you are reading right now.


Section 2 is a very large part of the course. It is, in fact, our complete Diploma in Teaching course. We have included this because we wanted to ensure that you have the best possible start to your career in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. It gives a very detailed insight into what it means to be a good teacher, how to create and deliver successful lessons, classroom management, how to deal with difficult students, and much more. There are no assignments for this part of the course, as we really want to concentrate on Teaching EFL in this course. However, you must read the materials and fill in your personal development journal. Of course, we will be discussing any questions you have regarding any materials in this section during our regular online sessions.


Sections 3 to 8 concentrate on Teaching EFL. Please work through all the materials and submit your assignments. In total, you are asked to submit 3 teaching videos of 5 minutes length each. There are 11 assignments for you to complete and submit. There is no end-of-course assessment/test.

Qualification Overview

Self-study Hours   120 Hours

Units   9

Assignments   11

Course Fee   £300

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If you are unable to pay using PayPal you can also pay by bank transfer using this Enrollment Form

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