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Becoming a Frisby College


The process of becoming a Frisby College International School in Thailand is straightforward and has been setup to allow maximum access to all types of institutions nationwide. Registration and operation of English Programs as a registered school takes into account the constraints governed by the Thai Ministry of Education as a Thai licensed school, whether Government or Private.

The overall aim of Frisby College Thailand is not to convert institutes to a fully international approach to education, but to embrace cultural identity as a Thai School teaching English for the purpose of developing as an ASEAN member state.        

Feasibility & Planning


The first step to registration requires schools to complete a feasibility assessment with Frisby College Thailand remotely. This is to ensure English Programs can be implemented successfully in principle. 

The most important part of this stage to ensure full support and authorization from each School’s governing education office to use external English Program guidance. Secondly is to assess the school’s current English teaching structure, funding, class timetables and teachers’ abilities so that a realistic action plan can be drafted.


Written confirmation from the School’s governing education office is required to continue with the next step of registration. 

Onsite Assessment


Once registration as a Frisby College International School has been approved in principle schools can move forward with a formal assessment on site. Our regional consultancy team will arrange to visit the school to meet key faculty staff, check facilities and discuss resource delivery. In line with Frisby College Thailand’s overall mission to support a wide scope of institutes operating in Thailand, this stage is not intended to be challenging for the school, however certain requirements are needed to be in place for successful improvements to be justified.

School Licensing & Resource Selection


Licenses, English Programs and associated resources have been packaged with realistic budget and funding availability in mind. Our school network model does not follow an internationally fixed pricing structure and is intended to be an affordable and scalable option for even the smallest of institutes operating in Thailand.

Following complete registration and selection of program resources Frisby College International Schools in Thailand are issued with two separate licenses. One direct from Frisby College, UK and another from Frisby College Thailand officially listing them as an approved institute to offer (FC) Certificates. Both licenses are for an initial contractual period of 10 years subject to meeting certain requirements as a Satellite School.    


Following full licensing the school will be issued with digital learning materials purchased and arrangements to start the School’s English Faculty training will begin. 


Becoming a Frisby College International School in Thailand is considered a long-term professional relationship that takes time to build effectively. Our team has an in depth understanding about challenges commonly experienced in the Thai education environment and provides ongoing and unlimited support throughout.   

Licensing Fees


The cost to become a Frisby College International School in Thailand is not fixed and is calculated based on factors such as school type and scope, student population and English faculty needs. To receive more information regarding potential fees contact us direct.  

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